Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party Update

Wow I finished my Bead Soup and I just wanted to give you a little tease.  This is from a group of buttons that I got a couple of years ago. (I have been scouring my purchases to find out who the artist is) I originally bought them to make my friend Jeannie a necklace.  She is a quilter who has made two quilts for us.  One when my husband and I got married 25 years ago, a yo-yo quilt and on our 20th anniversary a beautiful bright batik fabric quilt.  So I have been thinking about a necklace for a long time and still never could figure anything out.  I was going to include it in my partner's soup because Marti collects buttons, but it didn't seem to go with my soup to her.  So here is the blue button that I incorporated in my soup.....BUT you have to come back on the reveal date on May 3rd to see what I did with it.

Isn't this cute!

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  1. What a neat looking button. I can hardly wait to see how your soup turned out and what you did with the button.


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