Friday, June 29, 2012

One of my latest designs in fused glass!  What do you think?  I love these pendants and they are lots of fun to do just a lot of hours.  I have just taken lots of pictures to add to my website that will be back online by the 15th of July....stay tuned for more
Well it is finally time for the Bead Soup Blog party!!  So much fun.  I have my partner who lives in Arizona and her name is Joyce Becker and here is her blog  Joyces Joyful Gems. 
I think we are kindred spirits!!  I can't wait to get my package. I sent hers out yesterday so as soon as she gets it and I get mine we can post the pictures.
When I was putting my package together I tried to think a little outside the box with the colors.  Sometimes it is hard for me to match colors to go with the dichroic glass.  So I decided to send her two packages which are different.  I love doing this party!! Lori who puts it all together does a wonderful job and there are almost 400 artists going with the blog party....Can you even imagine all the creativity!!
I thought I would share the rules so you can see what we start with:
 We both put together a mystery package of:
1. focal bead that must be used in an object de art (jewelry or otherwise)
2. clasp that must also be used
3. a few coordinating beads that don't have to be used

We photo the goodies we received and post here. 
We make something with our goodies and post for the world to view
Joyce and I both chose our reveal date and it is : August 25th.
So check back often and see how we are coming.  In a few days we will post the photo's of our surprise package......Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This has been a very sad year for me as my wonderful mom died in January and it has been hard for me to get my life going forward again.  I am trying to get in the creative mode because I have many shows coming up and plans to participate in various contests and blog party's.  My mom always delighted in my work so I am dedicating this year to her.