Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Received My Soup Today

I received my Bead Soup today!  So excited to get started. This is my fourth Bead Soup Bead Party participation.  You get teamed with a partner anywhere in the world and you exchange a "Bead Soup which you have to use the Focal and the Clasp.  Most bead partners send coordinating beads to go with those two items.  I normally send two soups but my partner didn't want lots of beads to be sent because she is new to jewelry making.  So I will be giving a Bead Soup away after the reveal.  The winner will be selected randomly from people who make comments on my reveal.  More on the contest later.

Back to my Bead Soup, Marti Conrad my partner went all out on her cute packaging!

So cute little tied up packages in blue denim!  I immediately thought of my friend Jeanie who makes just lovely quilts.

 Then on to whats in the packaging.  These beautiful candy colored beads go so well with the greens in the gemstones.  Kinda way out of my comfort zone using gemstones but I love these colors.  So Spring!  She also included these really cute vintage looking connectors on the left.  Not really connectors but I am blanking on what there called right now.

Finally look at this beautiful clasp that Marti made herself, out of clay. Just beautiful.  The clasp is handmade by Jean Wells.
Stay tuned for my reveal on May 3rd to see what I did with these beads.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party

I received my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party and her name is Marti Conrad and if you click on her name you will be taken to her blog. I mailed her soup today so when we both receive I will post the pictures of the Bead Soup I sent her.  She makes wonderful clay pieces that I am sure you will enjoy,  Check out her ETSY shop.
Looking forward to getting my soup.  Always a fun time for me waiting in anticipation, designing a piece.  I usually end up changing my mind and re-doing several times!  I always wonder what color I will be working in and what the focal will look like.  I usually end up donating all my pieces when I am done to different charitable groups where I live.
Well stay tuned!