Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Carnival 2014 Blog Hop Reveal

Wow this was really fun once I got started.  I had a hard time at first even though I loved the colors of all the beads.  I was just stuck for some reason.  Lisa Lodge of  Pine Ridge Treasures   sponsors this hop.  She likes us to use as many as the beads in the kit as we can as well as beads from our stash but not purchase any.  Of course all beader's have more beads than they know what to do with.   I used quite a bit and still have enough to make a few more things, or add to my stash for another day.
A reminder of all the wonderful beads.

   I decided to work on a necklace first.  I wanted to make something that dangled in front. I laid out all the colors and thought I would use the yellow and blue sea glass with some of the white beads. I had a really cute silver head pin that has flowers on it and I used that to dangle some more beads.  So reminds me of summer!

Then I decided I needed a bracelet and earrings to go with the necklace. The glass beads that look a little green in the photo actually are this wonderful warm shade of yellow gold.  The bracelet is a simple stretch bracelet and is very light.  The bottom pair of earrings I also added a green crystal along with the blue and gold crystal.

After I finished those I thought I would make a gold set but with a longer chain.  This necklace can be worn with jeans or even that little black dress don't you think?

I love these gold earrings made with the crystals and sea glass.

Well that is it for this blog hop.  Hope you enjoyed my creations. Be sure and visit Pine Ridge Treasures to see all the other artists.